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The Power of Lean & Lean Six Sigma


Lean and Lean Six Sigma Courses now being offered to groups of 10 or more.

Some of today's most respected companies—including Toyota, GE, Motorola, Allied Signal, and Sun Microsystems—have used Lean and / or Lean Six Sigma to improve their organizations. Join the ranks of these successful corporations and let Lean / Lean Six Sigma work for you.

Lean / Lean Six Sigma are process-improvement methodologies that accelerate processes, increases efficiency, and reduces or eliminates variation. Competition for the same customers is increasing throughout the corporate world, putting company profits on the line; customer expectations are changing rapidly as the rate of information increases; and costs are escalating. Now more than ever, achieving process excellence is essential.


Our programs give you valuable business tools to achieve process excellence and help your team:

  • Redesign flow to better account for customer and supplier variability and reduce waste
  • Analyze the root cause of product problems
  • Make informed decisions about cost benefit of a company project
  • Capture meaningful metrics to help know and grow your business
  • Experiment to determine best practices to deliver quality, every time